This is it.

I'm Isabella, I live in Miami and although it is a big city I still feel as if I'm not living up to my potential in the fashion industry. I'm only fifteen but I wish I could be writing for a magazine right now. Since that opportunity has passed me by because of my inconsiderate parents I decided to start a blog of my own after much deliberation. Here I will post anything and everything that is linked to my love of fashion and hopefully my readers will follow me until I reach my goal to live in NYC and surround myself with people that share the same interests as me. As for now I'm still young, naïve, and determined to live my life to the fullest.


  1. Hey! Good luck with everything. =) Seems to me you're doing wonderful. I had a hard time getting my family to support my fascination with fashion as well. =P


  2. Hei ! :D I really like your blog , and when i read your posts I tought that you are like twelve or something :D Excuse me my bad english , but just , I wanted to let you know that i'm a reader of your blog ! :)

    Good luck !

    xoxo , Stella


Comments make me very happy! If I see you commented I will take a look at your blog for sure. Thanks guys! xoxoxo