For the Love of Fashion.

This is the job I want to have, they are the epitome of chic and the best of the best in the fashion industry.
Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld.

The simple “definition” of fashion is nothing but a negligible accumulation of words put together in an attempt to describe something so wondrous that it is unfathomable to the human mind. I for one, at the age of ten began to ruthlessly criticize everyone’s superficial opinions towards the fashion industry. I looked beyond the stereotypical, shallow image of the fashionista and saw the phenomenal, magical world of fashion as an art and its constituents as gods.

For instance, Karl Lagerfeld, being one of these mystical gods, does much more than what his job description as creative director of Chanel entails; he salvaged the label after Coco Chanel’s death and transformed it into one of the most successful brands to date. Similarly, Alexander Wang is also on my top designer list due to the fact he has been able to accomplish great things despite the brevity of his career. These two pictorial gods are without a doubt my favorite designers.

After five years of being unambiguously obsessed with fashion I have established favorites. Calvin Klein’s SS06 collection being one of them. This collection was the first I ever saw and it gave birth to my love of fashion. Francisco Costa’s clean-cut, pastel-colored dresses let me know at a young age how surreal fashion could be. Despite the foundations of my fashion fascination, I am usually clad in blacks and grays. My personal style is just as hard to define as fashion is. I consider myself a fashion chameleon, one who adapts and changes depending on her surroundings. I am also inspired by everything around me, especially music. Music has the power to alter my mood and therefore the way I dress everyday. However, I usually gravitate towards the dark, and edgy styles like those of Balmain. To this day, I still feel the same exuberance for fashion, as if it were the very day of its inception. Despite the fact that the world of fashion is still obscure to me, I will never surrender to its mystery.


  1. they look great together - the most powerful fashion ladies in the bizz!

  2. GOSH you wrote such an wonderful text. It was like sugar on my tongue!
    Secondly, Girl you made me so damn happy with your comment on BG and moreover you placed a BG banner right on your blog! I was so happy about that... It havn't got any words for this feeling =)
    I hope I can give you something back...
    I'll follow your blog right as follower (perhaps you do also on mine^_^) I wish the best for your blog.
    Make it girl!
    X - Marina


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